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Richard-Allen Foster is a one-of-a-kind AEC & Design thought-leader with a clear vision of how digital tools can enhance our work in the physical world. Our team at The Wild was privileged to collaborate with Richard-Allen Foster and share how Virtual Reality can communicate an end-to-end design story in the architectural process. Richard-Allen is a joy to work with and brings truly unique perspectives with a contagious optimism.

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Austin Baker

Content Marketing Manager


I have had the pleasure of working with Richard-Allen Foster over the past 6+ years and the creativity and “big picture ideas” he brings to each project is invaluable. Mr. Foster’s ability to facilitate and challenge people to think outside the box has led to many successful engagements. I will always look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

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Todd Brang



White County Schools had the pleasure of working with Richard-Allen Foster on our state-of-the-art Findlay Elementary School in 2019. His creative ideas inspired the physical shape and the colorful design of this impressive learning space. Richard-Allen's insightful and thoughtful approach led to an exceptional educational environment that has received state and national recognition.

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Kurt Dronebarger

Director of Schools

White County Board of Education

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Richard-Allen for the past 6 years. What has always impressed me the most is his forward looking approach to maximizing technology and pushing the limits of what is possible. This has not only made him an invaluable member of any organization, but a visionary in the AEC space of what is possible in blending the physical to the virtual world.

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AJ Lightheart

Account Executive


When serving as a school superintendent, I had the pleasure of working with Richard-Allen Foster as we planned and designed a new PreK-5 elementary school. He pushed our team to continually think about the future of education in order to design the facility, not only for today’s needs, but future needs specifically targeting the evolving use of technology in schools. He actively listened to our team and was able to guide our understanding of the possibilities beyond the traditional school model as we interwove architecture, curriculum, and technology into an exceptional educational facility.

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Melanie Miller, Ph.D.

Former School Superintendent

Athens City Schools

The superpower for the web3 era is the ability to frictionlessly flow between analogue, digital & virtual domains.
As an Architect and Creative, Richard-Allen Foster is pioneering this continuum and with an eye on consciously designing a “white mirror” metaverse frontier.

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Michael Morrissey

Architect & Founder of Bookflow & The Flow Continuum.

Morrissey Designs

Richard-Allen embodies the idea of a turn-key design solution in all of his endeavors. His approach towards all aspects of design, representation and/or anything else that may fall under the creative umbrella is something that he has excelled at for many years. I trust his follow-through, attention to detail and his end product development no matter what the task may be, and I look forward to continuing my collaboration with him in the future.

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John Lynch Sanders, FAIA

Founding Partner and Principal Architect


I have had the pleasure to work with Richard on several major and complex projects across the US and have grown to appreciate his creative and simple solutions to very complex designs. I have always appreciated his willingness to look at alternative design solutions and his talent to work as a team player.

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Charles D. Smith, AIA, NCARB

Principal Architect

Charles D. Smith Architecture & Planning

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