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A Connection Consultancy

A forward-thinking, people-centered research and design studio operating in the intersections of architecture and placemaking, evolving cultural and social priorities, and emerging technologies.


Developing strategies and solutions for an interconnected world.


Strategies & Solutions

Applying architectural & design thinking to domains beyond architecture. 

Reimaging the role of architecture and placemaking in an accelerating world.



Applying design thinking and visual storytelling and today's technologies to facilitated public engagement and group decision-making.



Fostering a community of creative individuals and teams who aspire to connect, learn, and grow purpose-driven work and multidisciplinary problem solving for 21st-century challenges.



Development of results-driven design processes and technology workflows.

About me.

Richard-Allen Foster

I thrive in the intersecting space between technology and design and love to connect often unseen dots. I am always thinking about how future technologies and evolving philosophies are reshaping architecture and placemaking and how emerging technologies can advance the design processes and enhance our storytelling abilities.


I excel in fostering collaborative studio environments and public engagement processes.

I am an architect with over 20 years of design experience, a decade of which in Design Director roles. I have taught both studio design and computer technology in design courses at the university level and I have worked in firms of various sizes, from the largest down to 3-10 people teams.

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